Points of Existence

  • Purpose of the organization (AJKPCTIA) is to grow the I.T trend and the institutions and to provide a platform through which the rights should be preserved in all the districts of AJK.
  • All the institutions should be registered as per the terms and conditions and this organization should be given a wider scope.
  • Azad Kashmir and the government departments of Pakistan should work and take prominent steps in the programs of information technology, with their kind co-operation.
  • Government should particularize the terms and conditions and clearly state them to the intuitions while being registered.
  • Eliminate bogus and non-standard institutions that cause the wastage of time and finance of the students who only are earning machines.
  • Strategies and laws implemented by AJKTEVTA should be dealt with cooperative strategies and suggestions by all.
  • Work Shops are held by the coordination of donors in different projects. With the respective cooperation of members these works shops shall be held in all the districts of AJK.
  • Association will prefer the collective efforts and benefits over the individual benefits.
  • Important, Suggestions for (AJKPTIA) Suggestions of Moon Creations are as under for the Association’s Management.
  • In the beginning there will be acting/intern committee formed that later on will make a body representing all the districts with the consent of respective members.
  • For the committee moon creations suggests the following names and designations.
      (A) President Association Syed Salahudin Shah (Moon Creations).
      (B) Vice President Mr. Nadeem Sb (Chinar Computers).
      (C) General Secretary Mr. Jahagir (Pentium Computers)


  • The committee above mentioned will contact for the management and for body making, to all the owners of the private institutes in Azad Kashmir in the interest of all the problems faced by the institutes by calling a joint meeting to take further steps next months.
  • Association should be registered as per the rules and regulations in industries or relevant department as soon as possible.
  • Letter pads and visiting cards are supposed to be printed and expenses shall be equally distributed among the members of interim committee when representatives will over Azad Kashmir are registered shall also be sharing over the expenses.
  • After the joint strategy finalized by the representatives of the association, we shall convey our problems to the authorities of AJKTEVTA, or the letter pad of the associations. Rules implemented by the TEVTA shall be requested to either review or to change. Never the less rules that are equally acceptable for all the owners shall be suggested to the authorities.
  • Since it is important to the develop a website for the associations through which we will not only be able to correspond but a better help in the process of registrations.
  • Moon Creations offers take the responsibility of developing and launching this web site. Final suggestions and points as said by the members of intern committee will be launched on the web site. Representatives in the other districts shall be invited through the website; we shall correspond through the website for the issues and problems immediate solvable, that will be set before the authorities.
  • After the selection of members/representatives manifesto/ discipline and terms and conditions will be finalized with the help of all the members and on media we shall have to advertise through print media about the association’s general interest.
  • It is requested to the committee that points said above in any case of favor if differ from, should suggest the further in black and white with in shoot time that there will be a positive steps to finalize as reasonably.